Refund & Cancellation Policy

Tour Deposit

A 10% deposit is required at the time of booking with the oustanding balance due 30 days prior to departure date.


100% fully refundable within 21 days of tour departure date. Cancellations after this time are not refundable.

Cancellations must be in writing and are effective upon receipt in our office (by email or post). Depending on the when the reservation was cancelled, the client is required to pay the following cancellation fees:

  • Up to 21 days before departure 100% refund.
  • From 21 to 0 days before departure no refund.

In the case the client does not utilise all of the services included in the trip (eg. accommodation, food, optional services etc.) for reasons caused by the client ,(eg. late arrival, early departure, not utilising services due to fatigue or disinterest etc.) he/she forfeits any refund for these services.

Health Insurance & Risks

Participation in sporting activities such as bike riding are potentially hazardous. Clients confirm, that they are capable of bike riding and participation in other sporting or different activities included in the program of the trip. The price of the trip does not include any travel insurance. We therefore recommend to purchase individual travel insurance covering most importantly: medical expenses, injury, liability, personal effects and trip cancellation.


By confirming the reservation, Cycle to Escape and the Client agree to these laws and obligations:

Cycle To Escape Is committed to provide the client with all relevant information concerning the trip. Is committed to provide all services as stated in the Reservation Confirmation. Has the right to change the program, the route or cancel the trip for unforseen circumstances such as natural disasters, terrorist attack, outbreak of dangerous epidemics etc. In this case the balance of unused services will be refunded to the client.

Has the right to suspend the client from the ongoing trip for the following reasons:

  1. Client disregards the guide‘s safety instructions and other instructions
  2. The behaviour of a client endangers the well being of others in the group
  3. The behaviour of a client endangers the safety of other participants

Does not take responsibility for damages to personal property or injury of a client, nor does CBT take responsibility for damages to third person caused by the client for the following reasons:

  1. Incidents that arise as a result of disregarding the guide‘s instructions, disregarding safety regulations, drinking alcohol, the use of drugs, sickness or nausea of the client
  2. Incidents related to bike riding

Does not take any responsibility for the following losses (cancellation or rescheduling of flights, issue of visa, double booked accommodation etc.) caused by the cancellation of participation in the trip by fault of either party (client or CBT).

Client: Is committed to choose a trip that corresponds with his/her physical and mental abilities and health condition. Is committed to inform CBT off all important personal information relevant to the participation in the trip (health disability, use of medication etc.). Is committed to prepare for the trip according to the guidelines sent by cycle to escape (most importantly corresponding clothes and equipment). Is committed to follow the guide‘s instructions during the trip, or follow the instructions of cycle to escape employees. Has the right to cancel participation in the trip according to the Cancellation and Refund Policy. Is obliged to use and maintain the hired equipment correctly (bike, GPS or other equipment) and return it in the same state as he/she received it. Is obliged to reimburse cycle to escape for any damages to hired equipment caused by negligence.

Other laws and obligations that bind cycle to escape and the client correspond with the Civil Code of the country that the tour is operating.